Thanks to all of our October Fest supporters

Tacoma North’s annual October Fest event was a big success.  A good time was had by all and the event funded much of the club’s projects for the coming year, most of which are focused on helping children.  Two of our most visible efforts are the Dictionary project and iPads for Autism.
The Dictionary Project provides a dictionary for every third grader in the Tacoma school district, approximately 2,500 young students.  For many, this dictionary is the first book they have owned.  Classroom instructors confirm that the dictionaries are very useful in their instructional plans and that the students are excited to explore this new classroom tool.  These books are specially printed for this purpose and contain much historical and civic information as well as word spellings and definitions.
iPads for Autism is an ongoing effort to provide iPads for use in the Tacoma School District autism classrooms, a service that last year’s experimental program  at Mary Lyon school found to be a very successful learning tool for these special needs students.  This year’s effort will supply 25 iPad minis and two full size iPads for use by autistic students and their instructors at Jennie Reed elementary school.  See the Tacoma School District story on this project on the Tacoma Public Schools website at